About The KenKen Store

About The KenKen Store KenKen was invented by Japanese math educator Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004, under his philosophy, “The Art of Teaching Without Teaching”. KenKen appears daily in the New York Times newspaper since 2009, the only daily feature ever added since NY Times crossword puzzle and now appears in over 150 publications worldwide including The New York Times (daily newspaper and online), Times (UK), Los Angeles Times, AARP Bulletin and Scholastic Math Magazine. KenKen puzzles are created through an artificial intelligence program called “The Kenerator” It is available in mobile apps, Kindle, websites, books, newspapers & magazines. KenKen is for everyone. No age, gender or language limitations! And now, you can show your love for the logic puzzle game with the products from this shop. About GFM Games Fans Merch is a leading technology merchandise fulfillment startup based out of Orlando, Florida. We partner with exciting brands on social media, influencers, and game developers/publishers to bring affordable and quickly delivered high quality merch! We are focused on the sales and support so our partners can focus on the quality content and services that they offer while allowing you, the fan, to wear snazzy shirts and add adorable stickers to your laptop for the world to see!